Make Wall Street work for you.

Main Street Quant has been founded to provide investors and financial advisors with the information they need to truly understand the risks and rewards of market-linked products. Using industry standard models in a proprietary framework, we aim to be an independent provider of timely analyses of equity based US structured notes and CDs. This information should prove invaluable in helping you make the wisest decisions for your portfolio.


Main Street Quant plans to provide a free and convenient service that allows users to evaluate market-linked products. Using a patent pending technique based upon some very simple concepts, my service will make it quite easy for users to determine not only which products best fit their investment needs, but also under what market conditions are those products expected to be good investments. The fundamental difference with these analyses and the traditional way market-linked products are analyzed is that the decision of whether a product is a good investment will be based upon each investor’s view of the market.

The importance of this distinction cannot be overstated. Given that market-linked product are by definition dependent upon the performance of market underliers, I believe you would agree that this is a fundamental requirement that is necessary to properly evaluate these products. Until now, this has not been an easy service to provide which is probably why no one else, that I know of, is doing it.


Detailed analyses of a subset of these products can also be found on the education page.